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Yanelia Caballe Proposal

Girl Boss Branding Proposal

for Yanelia Caballe

Since your business will be based out of the tri-state area, I’d love to get images of you with the city in the background. Jersey City is perfect for this. Depending on when you’d like to shoot, we can have you in regular clothing (not all bundled up) and I can warm up the images so that it doesn’t look like winter. Between Shots, I can have you in a shawl or big comfy jacket.

I picked two indoor locations that are in Jersey City, the one on the left has a gold feel maybe you can wear a light/white colored top in that one and the in the middle will give you more white tones overall. Since in the second it’s bright and airy, maybe we can get you in both black and pink here.

Little details will matter, we can have you writing in a notebook, on your laptop, if you’d like you can bring a friend and have her pose as a client that you’re consulting, on the phone, drinking coffee/tea. I’d also want to get a very clean headshot of you for things like panels, linkedin, podcasts (yes, we have to get you on podcasts!) and any other sort of collaboration you’ll have in the future.

I know you said you’d actually only need 15 photos, however I love to deliver options. So as many usable photos I can get, I deliver. That means if 30 - 50 are good then you’ll get all of them edited. I don’t charge more for this like some other photographers might.


will include 3 locations

online gallery of all usable images

print release rights

photos in both full size and downsized for social media purposes