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I’m SO happy you’re here. Yes, YOU! Because your camera has been sitting there waiting to be used and loved.

“What made you decide to mentor?”

I frequently get asked for tips. There are a ton of things to teach about photography that can’t be learned in a simple text exchange.

“What will I learn?”

You’ll learn how to use your camera and if you don’t have one yet, not a problem! You’ll learn the fundamentals of photography, how to edit, the most important stuff for honing your craft, how to build a portfolio and how to start making money.

“How much is it?”

I’m keeping this round super affordable at $150/hour with a 2 hour minimum. The price will go up depending on my busy seasons.

“What makes you qualified?”

Bingo, this is totally the question to ask! I was a trainer at a trillion dollar company, my team ranked one of the highest in the US. I’ve successfully taught over 100 people at a time at this company (they walked away learning some amazing shiiiit) So imagine what a one on one session could give you.

There are millions, seriously millions of people who need their story told by photographers.

  • Have you ever bought something online you’ve never seen a photo of?

  • Have you ever been to a hairstylist without seeing pictures of their work?

  • Does an advertisement ever catch your eye without images?

I personally don’t eat at restaurants unless I see photos of what I’m getting myself into.

This market is not saturated and there’s no such thing as competition when so so SO many people need photos. I personally can’t take photos for a million people, so why not share the wealth?


some ways you can

make money taking photos

there are many more


Small Businesses + Companies

There are currently 1,779,932 small businesses in New york.


Restaurants + Food Photography

get paid to eat and do something fun!


you never have to worry about making a product smile ( this is a good thing!)

If you’re officially ready to step up your photo game, book a mentor session with me!

( product, people, food, small businesses etc)
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