Hey Jason and George,

Jason it was great speaking with you yesterday about what you see for the future of Level Nest. I love that you’re speaking to an untapped market, Millenials beginning to consider buying their first home. As one myself, I understand how overwhelming the process might seem and there’s a need for some clarity and simplification with transparency.

Amanda lee

How I Can Help Level Nest

amanda lee

Creating your buyer persona.

Finding your clientele.

Speaking to your market.

How to go above and beyond for your clients.

Clarifying your mission statement

Personal Branding.

Organize your workflow.

Photographing homes, Editing Photos.

How toCCk

As it stands with travel and other projects, I can offer two full days a month in office to help you with everything as a consultant. If you’re interested in my services we can discuss further. I’m more than happy to meet you for a meeting.