Rachel Scalici – Knot Just Hair

Rachel is the boss and lash artist behind Knot Just Hair, this girl’s schedule is packed with clients who want fluffy lashes, voluminous lashes and people who are lash addicts, in the best possible way. She’s extremely detail oriented and you can tell once you go into her studio she’s a serious lash queen who may look sweet but is straight up fierce.

Who is Rachel?

“Shy and quiet but once I’m out of my shell I don’t shut up lol”

How long have you been doing lashes?

3 years

What got you started in it?

”I have always loved the beauty industry. I like doing the tedious stuff so when I first started doing lashes I fell in love.”

What's the biggest lesson you've learned?

“Don’t give up and follow your dreams!!!”

Where do you draw your inspiration?

“I get my inspiration from other boss ladies especially Kim Jaynes, the founder of Borboleta Beauty. She taught me my first classic lash class and she was amazing. After hearing her story on how she started her company I knew I wanted to pursue my career as a lash artist even more. Her and other fellow lash artist inspire me everyday to push forward and be the best lash artist that I can be.”

What's something your clients might not know about you?

“ I can be a real bitch lol”

Where can we follow you and your work?

instagram:  Knotjusthair