Lisa Meshel – Painter + Mane Hair Studio

Lisa is the wizard, magician, angel, goddess colorist behind Painter + Mane Hair Studio. Her work is literally transformative and her passion is in vibrant colors and balayage. She’s been my stylist for over 5 years and she’s an amazing badass with her own studio space that perfectly conveys her vibe in Sola Salons.

Who is Lisa?

 “Ugh this is always such a hard question for me hahahah. I would say I would definitely consider myself 50% silly and 50% laidback. I just really love to laugh & love people who can make me laugh!”

How long have you been in your career?

9 years

What got you started in it?

 “So, as a kid I always got in trouble in school for talking, I was always very social and silly so I knew a more “serious” career wasn’t for me. Long story short, I kind of fell into hair, I thought it might be fun and I actually became pretty good at it & now it’s something I’m super passionate about!”

What's the biggest lesson you've learned?

“Be yourself!! Once I figured this out I started attracting the clients I always dreamed of... which were girls I could relate to and had a lot in common with!”

Where do you draw your inspiration?

 “Definitely other colorists through social media! People do AMAZING stuff and it’s cool that Instagram especially gives us a platform to inspire each other”

What's something your clients might not know about you?

 “My clients know a lot about me! I try to be as transparent as I can be with them so they know the real me! I want them to feel like I’m not only their hairstylist but their friend, too.”

Where can we follow you and your work?

instagram: lisameshel painterandmainhairstudio

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