Gabrielle Gentile – Makeup by Gabrielle G

Gabrielle is brains and beauty behind Makeup by Gabrielle G she’s a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. She has worked in film and tv and specializes in bridal makeup. She focuses on improving your skin before your special day so your makeup can look and feel its best for your special day. Instagram filters have nothing on Gabrielle’s skin, it’s really that gorgeous in real life.

Makeup by Gabrielle G

Who is Gabrielle?

 “Esthetician and makeup artist with a fun, light hearted, old soul personality. Not for the boring type.”

How long have you been in your career?

 8 yrs

What got you started in it?

“My mom was a makeup artist, so growing up she would do clients at our home. I used to watch and be fantasized. That’s what started my passion.”

What's the biggest lesson you've learned?

“There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. To never give up and always be the best I can be. Be kind always.”

Where do you draw your inspiration?

 “In my head. A lot of it is visual art. What I see in my head is what I deliver. I know what I’m doing before I do it most of the time.”

What's something your clients might not know about you?

 “My guilty pleasure is being alone at a beach in peace and quiet and just breathing and taking everything in. And lifting weights.”

Where can we follow you and your work?

instagram: MakeupByGabrielleG