Stitchfix, My New Style Guru

This page includes referral links, which means that I'll earn $ towards my next fix if you make a purchase, I absolutely love everything about it and would not be writing about it if I didn't recommend Stitchfix. Using these links will help support me at no additional cost to you. 

Almost 50% of people in my age group have side jobs, that's a full time job and a side hustle. What that means to me is that we have no time to do tasks like shopping for ourselves. I know that I personally don't want to spend a day at a mall in hopes that I'll maybe find something that fits, something that's  also reasonably priced and something that looks great on me. The process of it all sounds daunting to me at this point. When I was younger, I used to love to shop and now? These days, I'm just trying to look presentable without all of the hassle. In comes, Stitchfix to save the day, more like, to save the year. 

This is going to sound like an exaggeration but I'm so serious when I say, this is the future of shopping. So you may as well be an early adopter, get on board so you can save so much time in your life.  Stitchfix assigns you a personal stylist after you sign up and fill out your style profile. This part of it can be either really easy for some people (me) or really difficult for others (my husband.) To be honest, I didn't even know what my style was until I was given options. You can openly check "hate it" on outfits and not feel bad, this is all about you, so going with your gut is crucial. 



Stitchfix uses your social media as another way to better understand your style. You plug in your Instagram handle or a link to your style board on Pinterest and they use the information they find to gather inspiration for your next fix. When I first told someone about this, they thought it was creepy but here's the thing, we're always posting on Instagram, pinning on Pinterest, which is all mostly public information so now that we can actually put our selfies to good use? I'm in!

My favorite part is how personal and genuine this is. My stylist left a note that read where she gathered her inspiration for the looks she pulled for me, an Instagram photo of my husband and I. She specifically referenced a photo I had posted only a couple of days before I scheduled my next fix. 

They also send you a styling card, this helps give you an idea of how you can style outfits. I was legitimately ready to give up fashion before Stitchfix, straight up only wear black and put all of my "thought energy" into my blog and photography.  And as a girl who was voted "best dressed" and "most likely to succeed" in my graduating class, you can see the crossroads that I was at. Now with this service, I could probably win that title again . . erm.. if I was back in high school. 

All the prices are Suggested Retail Prices, you would pay the same thing if you walked right into a mall or searched on a website. There is no up-charge. Stitchfix does, however, charge a $20 styling fee which is taken off as a discount when you pick an item from your fix. If you don't like anything from your first fix, you'll be refunded the $20.

You guys, I'm obsessed! I've never felt more free, lavish, stylish and economical. Ladies, how many times have you bought something thinking it looks good on you, only to find out it hugs you in all the wrong places and then you miss your window to return it or you're just dreading a trip to the mall? Me! That was me. You can try these items on as much as you want in a 3-day window, so if you're thinking this costs you money, this is saving you money and you're probably going to look damn good. 

Sign up today, schedule when you're ready. You will thank me later when you see that cute box by your door.