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Leave the world better than you found it.

It could be hard to take on such a big task, we're only individuals after all. But companies like SAYA Designs are making it easier for us, helping to close the gap between wherever you are in this big world and places like Bali that experience deforestation. 

When I first came across SAYA I was drawn to the beautiful design of their products, hairpins, that are made from recycled root wood found in old plantations across Indonesia. 

A couple of things stood out for me. One, I would be able to wear these hairpins while my hair is in its natural state, curly and wavy. This will allow me to get the most use out of them without waiting for special occasions. I could look beautiful, naturally. 

Two, the company was founded by a female, Victoria, and I have to support a girl boss who is trying to change the world for the better. Three, the company is sustainable. For every product they sell, seeds will be planted to ensure more trees will grow. 

We may not have the time to save the world personally, but when these stars line up how can we not make a contribution and support small businesses that support the earth we live on?


SAYA started a kick starter which is where I contributed to the production on the hairpins, made by local artisans. Now that their full site is live you can purchase yours. The prices range from $24-$60 so it's sure to fall into a budget you can afford. These hairpins aren't something you throw to the side after a couple of uses, they will be something you wear with honor and pride because your purchase will make the world a better place, seriously! 

We need to start supporting more companies that are taking on the bigger problems of this world. 

The question is what do you stand for?

Join over a thousand people who made their choice,

Stand with SAYA.


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Amanda Lee