Maria + Luis 5th Anniversary

Luis and Maria were both married before they met but if you didn't know any better, you'd think they were two teenagers, puppy love and all. During their five year anniversary shoot they were all giggles and so in sync that getting them to do even the weird Posey stuff was easy. . A little too easy. After I took their photos I asked them a few questions on married life the second time around and they were happy to gush. 

second marriage love

What have you learned in your five years of marriage? 

Luis: " Do not to disturb a person when they're sleeping, always say thank you." 

Maria: "It's so much better when you can spend your life with someone else, to laugh, to share everything, our families, our adventures."

second marriage love

Why weren't you afraid of another marriage?

Maria: "I think marriage is very sacred and if you really want that person, you should get married. I believe in having a committment.. just because you failed at one marriage doesn't mean it will happen again. You have for take your chances."

Luis: "I wasn't afraid, I was scared, two different things haha. Everybody has the thought 'why am I getting married again?' But you never know what's out there. You have to take a chance."

second marriage love

How has it been now that your family doubled in size?

Luis: "I have no complaints." 

Maria: "I love that we have a large family, it's something I always wanted. It's like the Brady bunch." 

What's your funniest moment together?

Luis: "That's everyday." 

Maria: "We always have funny moments, that's the best part." 

second marriage love

What's your favorite thing about eachother:

Maria: "I love that he's always laughing."

Luis: "She's sincere and tells the truth, she can't lie."

Pick 5 words each to describe eachother:

Luis: "intelligent, fun, beautiful, honest, thoughtful."

Maria: "funny, observant, caring, family-oriented, helpful."



second marriage love


Amanda Lee