My Attic Guest Room

I recently moved into a new apartment with my hubby, one of the elements that I fell in love with was the attic. Normally, people would love attics for extra storage. However, I imagined having space where I could do yoga, meditate and more room so friends could visit and spend the night. I love interior design. I don't have any formal education on design, I just go with what feels good. Here's how I transformed my attic, with slanted ceilings into a guest room. 

Budget is always a priority for me when it comes to home decor. I don't want to break the bank when it comes to design. I feel there are always alternative options. Ikea is an amazing choice for interior design. Ikea is budget-friendly, chic and accessible so it works out for me. I also got a few key pieces from Target and YogaOutlet. 

The very first thing I did was paint one wall to add more dimension and depth to the space. I wanted a dark gray because it could go with anything. For one wall, all I needed was a quart which I picked up from Home Depot. This particular color was Bher and had more blue tones. 


I knew I wanted to have a mirror in the attic, this is the only section of it that doesn't have a window. In order to give the area an airy feel, I made the focal point the mirror, keeping it in the center of the attic. The white frame of this mirror was perfect since I kept the moldings of the attic white. This mirror was from Ikea and was under $30. You can find it here: LANGESUND

Ikea Wall Mirror 

I considered a lot of options as far as a guest bed. Originally I wanted the attic to have a Morrocan theme, think a lot of linens and pillows with tapestry hung from the slanted ceilings. But after careful consideration, I still wanted the attic to be an extension of our apartment so I wanted there to be a cohesive look. 

When I pulled away from just a ton of pillows on the floor for someone to crash on, I began considering day cushions. There were a ton of cute options at Urban Outfitters but it still wasn't the look I had in mind as the project progressed. I did more research and came across this daybed from Ikea. In fact, they are two beds that are stacked. I loved this option because it gave me the ability to host 1 person, 2 individuals or a couple. The fact that I could stack them allows the space to be open when it isn't being occupied. Not to mention that they two-pack was $129. On the website, it shows that you can even use these as sectional sofas, so the range of options are pretty amazing. 


Utaker Stackable Bed 

For decor, I added a chair from our old kitchen table that fits perfectly with the slanted ceilings. The raw wood of the chair also matches the bed frame. Once I added the chair, I knew that I wanted to incorporate more of the natural wood so that the design choice seemed purposeful. I added additional lighting with a hanging light which is held up by a wooden piece that, in a pair would normally hold up a shelf. 

I wanted a very natural and earthy feel while still being modern. I opted for framed prints of plants in white frames. The prints were downloaded from ETSY and I had them printed at a local pharmacy. 

I wanted whoever stays over to feel like home so I added a wire basket I ordered from Target to hold extra sheets and towels. I always think the awkward part of staying at someone's house is asking for a towel. So this a help yourself type of deal, plus I think it looks cozy. This milk crate was under $20 at time of purchasing and you could check it out here: Threshold Wire Large Straight Milk Crate

The rug is actually a yoga blanket from YogaOutlet since I plan on practicing Yoga up there on my own time. It was $15 and it such good quality. It's one of my favorite elements of the attic. You can view it here: Native Heavy Weight Falsa Mexican Blanket  

And this is the after, once everything was all put together 

and the before again, for quick reference. 


Thanks for reading! 


Amanda Lee