90 Day Product Photography Challenge

As a photographer, I've decided to focus on two main styles of photography, product, and portraits. I believe this is a perfect balance because one, products don't blink and two, people smile. Being able to control products as you please is really satisfying and the unpredictability of real-life people in their unique way is really beautiful. I think photography gets muddy when we begin to think we can control people and start to value products. None the less, I love the two. 

So when I was approached to work on a lifestyle campaign, 90 days of social media content for an accessory company, I was excited, to say the least. The challenge was to create unique photos showcasing Brexlink's battery cases. There would be 90 photos that could be content for 3 months but here's where the challenge comes in. I didn't have 90 days to shoot these photos, I gave myself  3 days. 

This was the perfect example of what I've said before when you hire an artist of any sort, you're not hiring their gear or their hands, you're hiring their mind. How could I shoot these photos in a way that was cohesive to an Amanda Lee brand photo? I wanted someone to look at them and say "yes, Amanda took these." This is why I didn't look to any other place for inspiration further than my own notebook.  

I began writing down ideas and physically mapping out locations where I could shoot. Places that were local but had a variety of textures and colors. I asked myself, where would a battery case come in handy, the answer was 'everywhere.' And who would benefit from a battery case, the answer was 'everyone.'  Every time I took a photo, I had a caption in mind which was a starting point for 'would this photo make sense to someone?' 

The other thing is, I'm not a natural light photographer, I'm a fully rounded photographer who is unafraid of studio lights, flashes, ambient light and everything in between. If I only shot natural light, it would have severely impacted the time frame.  

I also tried to keep some color consistency so when planning posts, the grid could have a nice consistency while maintaining variation. All photos were shot with either Sony A7S II or A7SR II 

Below you can find a portion of the photos. You can find them displayed at: Brexlink USA Instagram