5 Ways to Combat Winter Skin

New York winters can be brutal. They could be messy, they could be lonely but the worst of them all? Winter in New York really  takes a toll on your skin. This winter is no exception, however I've devised a plan of action to keep my skin in tip top shape. Keep reading to find my 5 tips and 1 of them costs nothing at all. 


Coconut Oil in Coffee

Coffee is a diarrhetic which makes it dehydrating. This isn't helping our skin, but before you give up your morning fix, try reaching for some coconut oil. Not only does coconut oil taste pretty yummy, it makes your coffee creamier and it's good for you and your body. You'll have immediate results after your first sip, seriously. . Your lips will be super shiny! Whenever I have coconut oil in my coffee, I don't even need to apply chapstick or gloss for the day because my lips stay super hydrated. It will also put more life into your skin, which make take more than a sip. But you can avoid cracked lips this winter with this trick.


This came into my life and I'm so thankful it has. This formula is so lightweight and packed with natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Daisy Flower Extract, Willowbark Extract, and Chaparral which is used to even out skin texture and increase radiance. On my days when I want to be super natural, I wear only this and I feel protected and smooth. 


I love this mask because it's very hydrating without dripping off of your face. The mask applies so smooth and when you wash it off it feels like the mask and your skin are one now, in a good way. It has rosewater in it and it's uses are to get relief for dryness and exposure to the elements. Whoever made this must've spent some time in New York. I absolutely love this when I feel like my skin has just had enough!



If you haven't guessed by now, the problem New York faces in the winter is how dry and cold the air is. So coming home and sleeping with a humidifier at night has been pretty amazing. You also throw some essential oils in there and make it a real party. But this is a real deal must have, which I'll be honest, wasn't even my idea.. Thanks hubby!


No Makeup

Okay, so this is the free tip. Go make up free!  Our body is pretty well designed, we break an arm, it swells, we get a cut, it clots. Our skin does the same thing to help us stay safe from the elements but if we never expose our skin to them, it doesn't know when to go into defense. So commit to at least two times a week to get out there and show your beautiful skin. Say "skin, this winter is serious, please help" and it should adjust accordingly. 


There you have it, my 5 tips to combat New York's seriously scary winter. I wish you all beautiful and hydrated skin!




Amanda Lee