Maternity Session: Lauren & John

I don't know if there is any gift more beautiful than having a child. I haven't had one yet so I can only imagine just how special it is to bring a life into this world. This past week I was able to take photos of first time parents Lauren and John who are expecting their baby boy in 7 weeks. 

We began our day with an at home session which I found to be seriously amazing. There is a huge level of comfort when you're having photo's taken at home, touch ups are just a quick trip to the mirror, a cup of water for hydration is only steps away and the couple is surrounded by a large majority of what makes them who they are. Memories lie dormant in apartments, waiting to be uncovered by visitors and it's an amazing thing to be able to capture.

Lauren's baby isn't even born yet and is already so loved and cared for. John and Lauren have such a playful energy, it was an honor to take their photos before they enter into their new stage of life as parents. One thing is for certain, baby boy will be one cool kid.

After spending some time at their apartment we drove to a nearby park for a change of scenery. Lauren wore a gorgeous dress from Pink Blush Maternity which looked absolutely perfect among the greenery. Lauren mentioned that maternity clothes can be frumpy but Pink Blush is a fresh change for expecting moms, so if you're having a baby check them out!

I had Lauren pick up this dandelion but by the looks of it I think all of her wishes have already come true. Her little family is growing, blessings on blessings.