What I do

When I first decided to start blogging, I'll be honest, I thought I had to post outfit photos. I quickly realized that wasn't me. You see, since I was a child I've always loved to write. Around the age of 2 years old I picked up a pen, found a paper, scribbled and yelled "I write! I write!" My life went on and I began to write poems. My mother, so proudly brought them with her to work. putting out printer to work. These days, who prints things out anymore? 

Once I got into Junior High school I began writing stories which were shown much appreciation. What I loved the most about writing is that my words went into people. Maybe some loved it and maybe some hated it but there was no denying that it was part of them now. Some reading were moved to tears by my words and I can't help but say it is a special feeling, both to be the reader and the writer and to know that other person gets you. 

Here I am, 27 years old wanting to bare my heart to the internet world. What I realized when I posted those first few outfits online was that it didn't feed me. It didn't feed me because it didn't pay bills but most importantly it didn't feed me metaphorically either. It didn't feed my soul. If you ask me why I have this blog it's because I want to help people with words. No, I'm not a psychologist. Actually I could barely spell psychologist, that was auto-corrected. If I could help by showing one person that they aren't alone in this world than that is more than enough for me. 

This is why I began asking people directly what they would like to read about. Why? Because we aren't alone in this world and if you're feeling sad for a specific reason or nervous than I can guarantee someone is feeling the same way. You're not alone, none of us are and I'm just trying to make this place a smaller world. 

If you'd like a fresh perspective on something, I'd love to answer some questions for you. Please don't be afraid to email and reach out because you could be helping someone else too. 


Amanda Lee