7 Things I Miss When Traveling Abroad

It's my firm belief that half of the reason I travel is to find myself home at the end of a long trip. It's easy to take what you have for granted and when you travel to other countries, states or even other cities you can find yourself missing home. I've rounded up things I miss from home when I'm traveling as I reminder to enjoy these things not only just when I get back but all the time too.

1. Water.

I miss water in two very distinct ways when I'm away. The first would be drinking water. In New York, it's very common to drink tap water with ice when at a restaurant. Not only is it common but it's safe and tastes great. Typically I wouldn't say the tap water tastes great but when you're comparing to anywhere else including somewhere as close as Florida there really is no contest. I just love the ease of being able to drink tap water. Thank you, New York.

The second way in which I miss water is the shower situation. I have never had a great shower away from home. Either the water pressure is awful, there isn't enough hot water, the water has too much softener or I get a physical allergic reaction to it. In Cuba, the water pressure was so low that I eventually had to shower in the rain. In Dubai, there was no shower curtain in the bathroom which is a lot more frustrating than you would imagine, damn my elbows, literally streaming out water onto the floor, every time. 

The very first thing that I do when I get home is shower and really bask in the joy of clean, running, hot water. This is something I really can not take for granted because being comfortable while getting clean is really a beautiful thing.

2. Transit 

This may be a little biased because I am from New York but I think getting around NYC is the easiest in comparison to other places. Sure it may not be accurate with their times and there may be delays but it is the easiest to comprehend, public transportation speaking. 

Getting a taxi or an Uber is also so easy in New York. The majority of the first half of my trip to Dubai was spent trying to find a taxi. That's a slight exaggeration but truly, it was so difficult. Taxis are only able to stop in designated areas which in theory makes sense but in actuality, you had to walk out of your way to stand in a taxi line, you can't just flag down empty taxis. If your driver happens to be brave enough to stop where he or she isn't allowed to, you better fly in and out of that car. 

I like the chaotic structure of New York, we have little rules but it works in the grand scheme.

3. Food

Okay, this part gets a little political. If America as a country closed our borders to foreigners we would not be the nation that we are, culturally. In Dubai, I went to what is called a Global Village. The Global Village is a massive market broken down by country, some were inaccurate like the Bob Marley homage in Africa but I digress. When my friends and I walked into "America" I was embarrassed, to say the least. 

In America, you could find a booth with hair tools like blow dryers and hair irons, weaves, graffiti tees, wrangler jeans, there was a sneaker store. This was not America, this is all the in between of America but who we are is actually a mix of beautiful cultures. I love New York because if I want amazing Thai food, Italian, Indian, Greek etc I can have all of that within a couple of blocks, not to mention Mexican food that would blow your mind. 

America is the world, it is global. If you're a racist, stop being an asshole. At the very minimum, let food bring us together. 

4. My Bed 

There is nothing more personal than your bed. From the firmness or softness down to the sheets that you choose and the density of your pillow, your bed is your own, for better or worse. My absolute favorite sheets are from Target, Jersey Knit to feel like you're sleeping your best tee-shirt. It took me years to find the perfect sheets for me, I recommend them to anyone looking for a new set. 

While I'm away, I have fond memories of my memory foam bed. The first night sleep back home is always the best.

5. Structure

I may regret saying this because I'm just off of a vacation-high but whenever I'm away I miss working and being productive. I miss the structure of my full-time job and having my days off to drink coffee, write, take photos and all of that. 

I feel like when I have a structure to my day it's a little easier to imagine crushing goals. There is only so many goals to accomplish when you're away from home. I also happen to have great ideas when I'm away that of course, I can't begin until I'm back. Being home can be empowering and I quite miss that.

6. Coffee

Another reason I love to travel is trying different coffee from around the world but there is nothing like your own fresh brew, just they way you like it. I also love getting my first cup of coffee from my favorite shop once I get back. 

Drinking out of your own favorite mug, honestly, there is nothing like it. Home is totally where you fill your coffee cup.

7. My Family 

I'm a cat-momma so I always miss my cat when she's staying with her grandparents. I love coming home and holding her little face to kiss her. She's too cute.  I also miss my human family too, even if I don't see them that often when I am home, it's a comforting feeling to know how close they are.