Galentines Day, What to Get Your Bestie

Galentines Day is right around the corner. My computer keeps auto-correcting to Valentines day, but Galentines Day is a thing, I promise. It's when you celebrate the women in your life, your besties, your mom and all the in between.

In the spirit of Galentines Day, I've rounded up some pretty sweet and affordable gift ideas for your ladies and since the prices are so low you should treat yourself too! 

1. Baseball Hat

These hats are back in a big way! The best part about WildFlower+Co's hats is that they are completely customizable since we're all unique ya know. Pick the color and patch you think your gal would like and bam! it's yours for $20. Some combos that I think would be adorable are the "feelings" patch with a white hat, "GRL PWR" patch with the blush pink and the "Slay" patch with the charcoal. Feel free to get creative. 

OH and if you order soon you can get 15% off with coupon code : treatyourself which makes the hat only $17 and a pretty cool gift idea.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.29.09 PM.png

2. Beach All You Want

Doesn't your friend need a vacation? Sometime's I wish I can fly around the world with my girls, sometimes I do! But for $24 you can bring the beach to her. I honestly can't believe this set is so inexpensive especially since I've tried Little Moon Essential products and they are amazing. The best part is that they are natural, organic and made right here in the US. 

They have 6 different gift sets all under $26! Be still my heart, you can find them:  here


3. Megan Padovano Design Mugs

There is a reason why Megan has 244 (5 star) reviews, her designs are boss and she's completely professional. While Esty has amazing items, the service hasn't been so great but ordering from Megan was a breeze. She worked with me on the customized design I had in mind for a gift and it was shipped shortly after. 

The mug below pays tribute to West World or you can pick out the Yas Queen mug which completely sums up a lot of my friendships. Either way there are plenty to chose from and they only run you about $20, it's sure to be a gift your gal keeps forever!


4. Anarchy Street Jewelry 

I can't pick one item from this list, everything is so chic and affordable. The bracelets are my favorite which are so easy to stack and mixing metals is my go-to because who can pick just one? If you think these are affordable already you can use coupon code : AmandaD20 for 20% off. Now don't say I never did anything for you. 


5. Rad Women Worldwide

As an owner of this book, I gotta tell you this is a must read. When I first found out about it I wanted to purchase it for all 8 of my nieces, even the couple that don't read yet! This book compiles a comprehensive list of feminist from around the world who have made changes and strides for all of us gals. It also has gorgeous illustrations to go right along side each story. 

It's such a beautiful gift, inexpensive and on Amazon Prime: here



Amanda Lee