5 Changes to Make in 2017

A new year is fast approaching us and we're all faced with the same question that we've asked ourselves time after time, "how will this year be different?" How many times have you said "this year, I'll drink more water" or "this year I'll start saving more money." All of these resolutions seem to fall by the wayside. Do you want to know why? You weren't passionate about it. 

If you're not going to give something 5 years of your time, don't give it 5 minutes. With that, I give you 5 changes to make in 2017. All of these changes will take patience, endurance, stamina. It will be an investment. I promise that it will be worth it because you'll be investing in yourself.

      1. Read More Books. 

I fear for my generation and the generations that will come after mine. We don't have the attention span that once walked the earth. We are so used to having information given to us at an instant, literally (instagram) that we shy at the thought of spending an hour just reading. I really noticed this when I suggested starting a book club at work consisting of some like-minded individuals who really seemed into the idea. None of them have yet to purchase or read this 150-page book that we agreed upon. That was weeks ago, I've since read 3 other books. 

Find something you're passionate about, do some research and pick up a book. You can still get it in an instant. Technology has made it very easy for you to purchase e-books and iBooks for your viewing pleasure. I personally like physical books, they cost about the same and with amazon prime, I can have it on my doorstep in 2 days. Seriously, your brain will thank you for it.

      2. Love Your Hair

Only 6 months ago, I hated my hair. Really, truly, honestly hated my hair. I didn't get it. I didn't understand how some people had beautiful hair and my hair was crazy. I mean crazy like, my hair didn't even know what it was doing. On my 27th birthday, I decided to let my hair be free. Free of expectations, free of dirty chemicals, free of hot irons and burning blow dryers. But I knew that I had to retrain my mind. I had to stop thinking there was one idea of "hair beauty." I had to push myself when I was at the hair salon and a stylist would say "you want a blowout?" I pushed to say, "no, my hair is curly."  And that's okay. This is me. 

Sitting here, 6 months later, I'm going into the new year loving my hair and not conforming to someone's forced belief of what my hair should be. Love your hair, in it's true and pure form. Just do it because if not now then when?

       3. Go Organic

Remember when organic was just regular stuff, before companies started poisoning their clients? I don't remember either. I'm here to tell you there are other ways to live. You don't have to live in ignorance of what is being put into your makeup, deodorant, lotions and soaps. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ? So why are you putting toxic chemicals on it? 

I'm not saying using organic products is cheap but you have to remember, neither are you. Luckily there are amazing companies like Litte Moon Essentials that have cut their profits specifically to make getting their products in your hands with safety more cost efficient. Native Deodorant that is aluminum and paraben free lasts such a long time so you don't have to keep buying. Lush makes organic shampoo bars that last 80 washes and they're less than $10. What does your body cost to you?

      4. Start Flossing

Okay, this one your dentist will thank you for. But you too, can reep the benefits of flossing. Years ago I didn't want to floss because it made my gums bleed. Then I realized they only bled because I didn't floss. How's that for a catch 22? I've been flossing daily now for the past 5 years and while its great that I don't bleed anymore, so I know that I have strong gums. I'm also thankful that I'm preventing gum disease, it's a real thing guys that can eventually only be treated with surgery. This is not a fable. This is real. Flossing could also save your life, research has shown that those with gum disease are twice as likely to get heart disease or dementia. 

If for not other reason than to get the decaying flesh and food out of your mouth, please floss. Stay consistent and you will see great gum results. 2017 is ready for you.

      5. Build Better Relationships

Let's take a short intermission from this blog so that you can call your mom or dad, cousin, grandma, sister, whatever. 

Don't you feel better? People who have better relationships with their family are happier people. Not everyone in your family can be a peach but build better relationships with the ones that are. Make the time to make that call, we all have time and in the new year 2017 we should start to prioritize our relationships.

Write a hand-written note and send it in the mail. Bloggers, dedicate a blog post to your person. Send a tap to their apple watch, send them a bitmoji that says you're thinking of them. Again, technology has really made things easier, communicating has never been so simple, so reach out and make someone's day, you'll be happier because of it too!

What changes will you be making in the new year? 


5 Changes to Make in 2017

5 Changes to Make in 2017