5 Ways to Make Your Bucket List a Reality

 how to just go for it.

1. Fear 

The biggest time when fear is a problem is when we don't realize that we subscribe to it. I say it that way for a reason, fear is a choice, once you know it exists. The number one push you have to make when you're trying to check off items on your bucket list is facing your fears. Begin to ask yourself "why have I not been where I want to go?", "why haven't I done what I want to do?" You'll find multiple ideas or an underlying thought. Most will chalk it up to money, but when there is a will, there is a way. Find your will. 

2. Communication 

Talk about it. When you talk about it, you will be about it. Assign yourself characteristics you want to have and then live up to it. If traveling, or anything is on your list of things to do, let everyone know. Opportunities lay in unexpected places. 
Have an open communication with your employer, I made a career move that brought in more annually with less responsibility. Less responsibility = more time to do the things that I really love, things that don't necessarily pay my bills. I sold myself as someone who loves to travel, it's something that is me, whole-heartedly and if they loved me and wanted to hire me, in order to remain cultured I had to take my trips.  I've been with my company for a year and a half and since have seen  five countries. 



3.  Make Yourself at Home

Have you ever wanted to live in a completely different city, a different country, even? Well, you'll never get that experience in a hotel room. It's almost 2017 and we have ways to transplant yourself right into the heart of a city with almost no commitment. Live the life you've always to live with  airbnb. I stood at a two-floor penthouse under Fidel Castro's reign in Cuba, with the American Embassy in view. It was gorgeous, cultured and the penthouse came with breakfast put together fresh by a charming local who worked for the property owner. I walked the streets of Havana and came back to what felt like home if I was a millionaire, all for a crazy affordable price.



4. Pinch Pennies

I love coffee, seriously it's amazing. More than coffee, I love going for coffee, you know making an event out of it. But man, coffee adds up. Or maybe coffee isn't your thing and maybe you're into designer bags, fancy shoes, collectible figure etc. Point is, there is always an opportunity to save money. How much are you saving exactly, it doesn't have to be much. Make a fund for your list, if you put away $75 a month you could afford trips like this :


or trips like this : 


5. Be like Water

Just go with the flow. It's great to have dreams and an idea in your mind of what you want to do, in my case it's travel. However, if that dream isn't playing out how you imagined, that's okay too. I went to Mexico with seven people, prior to the trip I only knew two of them, one of them I had met once. Again, opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, people! Seven of us drove fromArizona to Mexico, rented a house and spent the weekend collaborating on photos and videos. It wasn't anything I had dreamt of before but it was such a beautiful experience. It was like MTV's real world, but real, really real. The first night was heated with discussions of politics, religion and all that lies between. At the end of our stay, I left with good friends, great videos, photos and most importantly memories that will last a life time. So be like water, go with the flow, let things pass through you, just keep going. It's worth it. 


Stay tuned for travel hacks 

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