Faux Fur is No Faux Pas


If you're anything like me, you're drawn to things that may have no immediate purpose. You see it, you want it but you most definitely do not need it. For instance, a faux fur rug. I suppose with "home decor" nothing is really a necessity but still, for serving no purpose I wanted to be sure I would be able to utilize this item in multiple ways.

See a faux fur rug that you want? Get it! Here are just a few ways that you could style or use your luxe new home decor.

1. Clothes Rack : Typically at the bottom of a clothing rack you'll find bars or a simple shelf for shoes. A faux fur throw instantly gives a luxurious look to your wardrobe. Here I styled some black shoes to bring out a high contrast against the white rug.

2. Pre-war Radiator : Part of the appeal of my apartment was that it was built in the 40's. This feature came with very old windows and radiators that only get used three months out of the year. Along with the gold ox head on the window sill, the faux fur rug brings an animal theme to this little corner of my place. Again, balance is key here because of the mix of textures.

3. Back Drops : I used the faux fur rug as a backdrop for my new Tinsley rainboot from Sam Edelman  that I posted on Instagram. I thought this union was unexpected because while I would never take this rug out in the rain, Tinsley will be my new go-to boot.

4. Desk Chair : Consider this piece to be your therapy rug. When you're stressed out at your desk, sit back and chill because you have something soft and comforting. It's pretty much like a hug when you sit back. Oh and you seem fancy.

5. Home Decor : I threw the rug right on top of some more pieces that serve no other purpose but to lend a helping hand in the overall aesthetic. Nothing will match with a white faux fur rug, go with it and possibilities are endless.

6. Bench : In my apartment, I laid the rug down across my dining room bench. This would also be great on a bench that is at the foot of a bed. The inspiration here was simple, give your booty some cushion.


If you've already incorporated this style piece into your home or office, how'd you do it? I'd love to hear from others!



Amanda Lee