How to Use Crystals

2018 will be my year and I've enlisted the help of crystals to really help these good vibes flow. If you're just getting into the use of crystals like I am and wondering how to actually use them I've put together a list for you. Here are six ways to unlock the energy of your crystals to get you started. 

on your body 

While you're meditating you can place healing crystals on your body. According to MindBodyGreen, placing crystals on your body will affect you differently from just holding them. You can put one on your third eye chakra or crown chakra or smaller stones atop your throat for a spiritual drive. Different stones and crystals should be placed accordingly for what healing properties you want to evoke. 

hold them

Maybe you're someone who meditates sitting up so laying crystals on your body isn't an option, you can hold your crystals. If a crystal helps you get grounded, holding one or two and breathing with intention can be extremely beneficial. 

set a sacred space

You can use crystals and stones to create a scared space. I purchased a set of crystals for creative energy from SoulMakes and I have them in my guest bedroom where I'll be practicing yoga, meditating and catching up on work. 

incorporate into yoga 

Another way to utilize crystals is to place them on your mat while you're practicing yoga. You should set them in a symmetrical pattern for effectiveness. For help manifesting you can write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place them under a stone or crystal. 

place them in your pocket

Need some good vibes on the go? Place a much-needed crystal in your pocket. You can find 7 crystals that will boost your mood right here at MindBodyGreen I love that stones can be so tiny and yet powerful. 

home decor 

You can use beautiful crystals to spruce up your home decor. They're a perfect way to promote positive energy in your life for you and your family. Bonus, try placing amethyst, quartz crystal or selenite by your bed for a good night's sleep. 

I hope you found these helpful and I wish you all the best vibes for the year ahead! 


Amanda Lee

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