7 Steps for Success

You've finally decided what you want to do with your life, maybe your passion is to write a book, become an actor, song writer, DJ, photographer, host on Airbnb, start a blog. .  whatever you want to do. BUT you find yourself stuck. It seems like you never have enough time in your day. When you day have the time, you don't know where to even begin. I have a secret for you, there is always time in your day for your passion, for what you truly want to do. So I've compiled a list of some necessities to get you started on anything you want to do. These seven steps can be applied to practically anything, so think about your life, what you want it to look like and let's get into it. 

Establish Time

First things first, if you want to do anything in life, you're going to have to give it time. It's so easy to look at someone and think they have it all together and it's been so easy for them but the truth is they invested time into their craft. That motivational saying is true about time passing but I'm talking about right now, right this second. You need to allot yourself time to do what you need to do. Start with a half hour. Give yourself 30 minutes a day when you turn your phone off, put on some headphones, light a candle, grab a glass of wine, whatever gets you in the zone and work! For me, incense and a notebook for a half hour really allows me the time I need. It doesn't have to be seven days a week, pick five days when you're going to have these 30 minute sessions. 

To-Do List

Maybe there are a lot of things that go into what you need to do. Write it out. Seriously, get a piece of paper, in order to get started on your passion what is it that you need to do? Make a to-do list. Now that it's written out, do the big time-consuming things first, I know it's a pain but imagine how you'll feel when you physically put a line through it (or check it off) once it's done. In fact, studies show that we're driven and more motivated to do things when they're physically written. Science, you can't question science! The reason you start with the big tasks is because they're daunting, intimidating and they will be staring you down if you don't get 'em done. 

Break it into Tiny Tasks

So you've "found time" but now you're kind of nervous getting this going. Break your passion into tiny tasks. For example, if you're a writer start with a sentence or a paragraph. If you're a musician, start with a chords, a painter, start with some color, a photographer start by taking one phone on manual etc. Anyway that you can break up your passion, take that first bit. One of my favorite questions is "How do you eat a Whale?" Answer: one bite at a time. You don't have to go into writing a booking banging out chapters, that unrealistic. Start with a word. 

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

I love this one. I'm an introvert but I don't want to be alone on my journey. Surround yourself with people in the field you'd like to be in. A great resource for this is Facebook. I know everyone hates Facebook right now but I have learned so much from being part of closed Facebook groups for people in my niche. For instance, I'm part of an all female photographers group. If you can think of it, chances are theres a group for it. There are people like you who have and had the same questions going through your mind right now. Get into those groups, use the search feature and your field will be demystified. Once you get comfortable you can start asking questions to the group. Learn from them, read success stories and get into that high vibe. 

Do Research

There are so many educational resources for everything. I'm, talking podcasts, webinars, TV shows, seminars, groups, books, websites. Do research on what you're trying to pursue. Take notes, use bullet points, make your own homework. It seriously gets me so excited to think about all the things I haven't learned yet. The possibilities of knowledge in any given field are endless. Google is your friend. Research, practice, do, repeat! 

Be Kind

This one is for your own sake, be kind. Be kind to yourself and offer yourself forgiveness. You know that 30 minutes a day? You think I do that everyday? No! But I forgive myself when I don't. We're human, we need breaks, we're allowed to be imperfect. If you miss a day you don't have to give up, just try again tomorrow. Allow yourself to mess up, if you're trying to do something chances are you're not going to be natural. Let yourself go into a season of "damn this sucks" because it's all part of the growing process and you might as well get that out of the way while no one is looking. Get started!

Believe in Yourself

Lastly but extremely important, believe in yourself. The simplest way I could put it is, if you don't even think you're good why should anyone else? Please, let's throw the word "humble" out the door. This is not about being cocky, conceited this is about your potential livelihood and working to thrive and not just live. You deserve a chance, you deserve to be great, you deserve a shot so yeah, believe in yourself! Believe you're worthy. Believe that you can write a song for grey's anatomy or win a grammy or be on broadway. Your super power is that you're you and someone, some company, some client is going to love it. Put in the work and know your worth.

I hope this list helps you on your way and if you ever need inspiration just come back to this list, it'll be here waiting for you!


Amanda Lee

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