Guide to Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is personally my favorite European city, the juxtaposition between the modern v trendy vibes and the historic architecture is a perfect balance. Cafe’s playing Amy Winehouse and Adele are adorned with tiles and moldings dating back to the 18th century. It’s absolutely stunning and I can look past the ultimate leg work out when you’re walking around the city. Lisbon is the city of seven hills to get ready to feel the burn.


I’m just going to openly say, I don’t do things just to say I’ve done them and I don’t eat things to say I’ve eaten them. What does this mean? I stood away from typical Portuguese because it didn’t look good to me, it doesn’t suit my taste so there are no recs for Portuguese cuisine. With that said, I found some really dope spots that I would gladly head back to next time I’m in Lisbon.

Bowls + Bar

They pride themselves on having the best poke and non-poke bowls in Lisbon. When I was there I had a really good açaí bowl. They also have sandwiches and other hardy bowls and will fill you up. The aesthetic is super cute and the whole place is very insta-worthy. You can have a latte or even a fancy-ass cocktail.



Carmo Convent

Gothic Ruins from the 1755 Earthquake. This place is just cool to see. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Theres some pretty awesome history, like at the time this church was still standing it was the largest church in Lisbon. Theres are some exhibits inside and a little shop. Photographer’s love this place because of how unique it is, it’s definitely a great place to check out.

Castelo de S. Jorge

Castelo de S. Jorge

This place has the best views of Lisbon, you get a view of the bright blue sky over the terra-cotta roofs that fill the city. The castle transports you to the 11th century and I swear I saw the first inception of a cup-holder here. You can have a glass of wine or a bottle where the Moors once drank.

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