About Amanda Lee

I’m Amanda Lee! Lee is my middle name, please don’t write me a check for “Amanda Lee” or A Leethal. Basically I’m just a regular person like everyone else. There’s nothing special about me except that I put my whole heart into my work. I love empowering anyone who steps foot in front of my camera and despite some odds stacked against me, I’m pretty successful at doing my thing.

What are the odds stacked against me? For one, I’m a woman. We’re still out here struggling, not making as much money as men. Second I’m a Latina, Latina Women are paid the least comparatively. And third, I’m tattooed, tattoos are still considered unprofessional in the work place. All of these reasons are why I created my own brand. I want to showcase people being unapologetically themselves, entrepreneurs who are paving the way for their own success.

I’m going to tell you a secret, recently, I’ve been brought to tears thinking about where my life has taken me. I was born in Brooklyn NY, raised in Sunset Park and while I never “wanted for anything'“ I kind of always knew I wanted to be something bigger, do something grander, go somewhere farther. And maybe I’m not there yet but so far I’ve started my own company, been published in magazines, I’ve been to over 20 different countries, married the love of my life but most importantly everyday I get to wake up and do something I love, take photos.

If you ask my friends about me they’d say I’m patient, eclectic, have good eyebrows, give great advice and make good coffee.

Some things I love that have nothing to do with photography are Grey’s Anatomy, Coffee, Natural Skincare. Some things I hate that have nothing to do with photography are when cafe’s don’t have regular white sugar, pizza that burns my mouth, mansplaining and when people are mean.